In my post, I will discuss about the Characteristics of Executive Information System (EIS). Systems are seen simple, but in the manufacturing process should use the paradigm of a layman. why I say paradigm layman? because a good Executive Information System is a system where people who first use the system immediately understand, without doing any training.

Here are some characters that distinguish the Executive Information System with other systems. Include the following:
  • Summarizing, Filter, and obtain detailed data. EIS created to display graphs and reports from the business processes of an organization or company. Where the data is used as a material consideration for future decision making.
  • Provides trend analysis, exception reporting and drill-down capabilities. Drill down a facility such as a button or link that when clicked will display the detail data from public records that had been clicked.
  • Can integrate external and internal data.
  • Easy to use. This is the main thing that distinguishes the EIS with the other systems. Ease of use is set in stone in the manufacture of the EIS, both system design and interface design.
  • Can be directly used by Eksekuti. This is not lepasdari ease of use in the previous point.
  • Presenting information in a variety bentu report. This system generally display the data in the form of graphs and reports.
  • Some of the executive information system has features that beraga facilities. EIS Each has its own differences, tergantun EIS maker itself and the user desires (the executive).
That was some of the characteristics of the Executive Information System. If there are shortcomings or mistakes please add or justified. May be useful .

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