In this time, I will discuss about the Components of a Database Systems (System Database). Where is the sense of Database was presented earlier in the previous post. In fact, components used in database is almost the same as the information systems in general. It's just distinguished by the user. Because not everyone can deal directly with the database.

Here are the Components of a Database Systems:
1. Data
The word 'data' comes from the Greek is 'datum' which means the facts. In English, the data is plural. So wrong if we call data. Data is plural, while the datum is a unit and compile the data. Data is stored in terintegritas (integrated), where the facts of the other facts are related. Data can be used together (shared), so that we can use the data without having another lined up to use the data.
2. Hardware
An appliance or device that consists of computer monitors, keyboards CPUm. As well as data communications equipment, etc..
3. Software
Serves as an intermediary between a user with the data in the database. In this case it can be said software is the lifeblood. Examples of such software are: Database Management System (DBMS) like Oracle Postgre, MySQL, etc.. As for the application program to manipulate data, such as the SQL Editor, etc.
4. User
Is anyone using these databases. Here are divided into three classifications for user: Database Administrator (DBA), the person / team in charge of managing the overall database system, Programmer, people / team to program applications that access the database using a particular programming language, and the End User, who access the database through the terminal by using a query language.

Here was my brief explanation of the Components of a Database Systems (System Database). If there are errors or omissions please justified or added. May be useful ..

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